Catalyst Viking Run 2017: All the Excitement of 2016—Plus More!

on Wednesday, 28 June 2017. Posted in Catalyst News

The 2nd annual Catalyst Viking Run is scheduled to commence on September 23, 2017. Designed to test bravery, strength, endurance and “warrior performance skills,” this grueling 5 kilometer trek will once again lead participants through the rugged, obstacle-laden slopes of Woodbury Ski.

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This year, the race promises to be even bigger and more challenging. And while much of  the course will remain the same, there will be some course changes — along with a few new “surprise obstacles” awaiting those who dare to compete.

Viking Run finishers earn an exclusive Viking Run T-shirt, medal, and the respect of all who watch and cheer at this event. “Early Bird” and “Professional Service” discounts are also being offered.

Last year, the inaugural Viking Run 2016 was an exciting success. We at Catalyst tip our hats to the brave runners who conquered this previously unattempted challenge!

With the Summer months upon us, the 2017 race is just months away. So I thought now a great time  to look back at the obstacles in last years course…and also share photos of some impressive performances!

Enter Catalyst Viking Race 2017, and here are the type of challenges that will await you!

The Walls. This obstacle sets the stage for the “uphill battles” that follow. Grab, climb, pull…up up, and over the 12-foot-high barrier. Only 2 more walls to go!

Crossing the River.  It’s a pretty sure bet you’re gonna get wet. (By race end, getting wet won’t seem like such a bad thing!)

“Sea of tires.” A test of speed, agility, and balance. Pace yourself —going through tires fast is fun, but remember: the race has just begun!

Hay Bales. Stacked bales of hay create an unstable obstacle that can be climbed or hurdled. (You wouldn’t want to rest before tackling the mountain slope!)

Mud Pit Run. Ascending up to the top of Woodbury Ski, you’ll encounter a long pit of wet and slippery mud. You may arrive clean, but you won’t leave that way.

Tire Pull. Grab a rope and be on your way. By now the “tire” won’t be the only thing dragging!

 Mud Trench. After descending the Eastern slope of Woodbury Ski, crossing Washington Road, and ascending the Eastern slope, the Mud Trench stands ready to reward you. Over the first series of ropes — under the second. Here’s “mud in your eye” — and everywhere else!

Bucket Carry. Toting a 5-gallon bucket of sand up and down winding slopes will test your endurance and stamina. But save your strength—there are more lifting tests ahead.

Log Flip. Nicknamed “Thor’s Hammer,” this test of braun requires you to dead-lift a large log to a point where you can readjust your grip. A quick heave upward should bring the log to chest height. From here, a fast squat-and-thrust motion will bring the log shoulder height. Now steady press upward while walking your hands on the log and pressing forward with your legs. That “should” get the log up, up, upright… and over!  But wait— before you proceed, you need to do it again, returning the log to its starting position!

Slalom Back. A zig-zag run up and down ski terrain will help keep your now-rubbery legs loose. Enjoy the scenery—while you can.

Log Hurdles. As if running downhill wasn’t challenging enough, this series of elevated log hurdles forces you to choose your moves and leaps carfully.

Rope Climb. Climbing a rope to ring a bell at the top of a ski-lift platform rewards you with a pass to proceed. Fail, and a series of push-ups will be your penalty.

A-Frames. Majestic to look at—but a “royal pain” to climb. These laddered structures will challenge your climbing skills late in the course.

Under the Wire. A downhill ski-run looks easy enough to navigate. But here it must be done while crawling under rope lines strung just a foot or two above the surface. Some participants try a body rolling technique…but the dizziness that follows questions whether that speed maneuver is worth it!

Bear Crawl. “What goes down, must go up” (at least in the Viking Run!) The Bear Crawl once again presents runners with low strung lines they must crawl under—but THIS TIME uphill!

Log Carry. Back at the Eastern Slope, some rough-cut logs await you, Running half way up the slope and back with your new wooden friend will be the last carrying obstacle you need to overcome.

Alpine Run. With the finish line less than a 1/2 mile away, what better way to celebrate than sprinting directly up to the very top of Woodbury Ski’s longest slope.

Jaws of Death. The home stretch takes you back down through an alternate route that is so steep it cannot be walked without some type of support. Welcome to the “Jaws of Death” —a rope repelling obstacle that stands between you and the finish line!

Finish. Crossing the finish line, racers revel in their accomplishments. Participants and spectators share in refreshments, snacks, and a new-found comradery!




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